1/22/21, I start the challenge today, however I was working on a project this morning. I'm trying to run my own site with its own server and what not(keep in mind I didn't even know what html was a week ago). I currently have my own registered domain and server. I'm using nginx to create my own website and email. I encountered many errors and I fixed all of them. However, Its still using the generic layout. My website is if you want to check it out. I truly dont know why it isnt working. I did everything right. My solution? Well uninstall everything and restart from step one. I just dont want to do that today.
Onto another note, I got a book called Uncanny Valley. I read the back of it and thought it correlated with what Im doing here so I checked it out. Im gonna spend the day thinking of projects to work on and I might write some more of my book. But I have headfog today so I dont really want to fuck it up. Ill update this, this afternoon. Update: I figured out what I was doing wrong and now it works. Only problem is nginx isnt running properly so I can't fucking add https. So if you don't feel comfortable visiting the site(Ill be developing it tomorrow). Then don't. But it doesnt have advertisments so idk why someone would care

1/21/21,This is 1 day before I start the challenge. The reason I havent started it yet is because I still need Youtube to learn html properly. Im still having trouble with it, for example I cant use an apostrophe in a paragraph. Which sucks because I do them without thinking so its hard to do writing projects right now because Ill have to reread the entire thing to make sure theres no apostrophes. Im also not sure why I cant change the font in div style. Which is really annoying. But onto another note, today seems like its gonna be a good day. Im gonna spend it mostly writing and doing the occasional chores. And one more thing, I might add a Bible page where I take passages from the bible and paraphrase them with my interpretation. I think you guys might find it interesting. UPDATE: I added the Bible and a desktop section just to flex. But onto something else. I have no idea how to upload html to my domain. I have the domain , I bought it from wordpress. Ive tried all kinds of bullshit. Found this thing called infinityfree. Im currently on the part where you setup the SSL. It says "Current Destination: Not found, not ready". So Im gonna let it wait until that it says its ready. I also slept like 3hrs last night so I feel like shit.UPDATE2: THANKYOU LUKE SMITH

1/20/21, So today was inaguration day. I watched some of it, not really sure why. It was boring as hell and I honestly dont care too much for the policies outside of mandatory masks. I want to feel safe when going to church(no shit). There was like 50 people maskless at the last church I went too, but thats florida for yuh. Anyway, I think this website is going well. I put a lot of effort into it today and hope you guys can see the potential in it that I do.